St Basil's Aged Care Provider

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We are Donna and Peter of Year Six, All Saints Grammar Belmore. This year we are raising funds for St Basil's aged care provider in Lakemba.  

St Basil's is an aged care provider in our community that was established more than 60 years ago. We believe that all people need to be treated with respect and dignity, especially the elderly.  By donating to our campaign you can help the elderly members of our community who we hold dear to our hearts and are forever indebted to.  

How The Funds Will Be Used

All donations will go directly to St Basil's to help expand and enhance the physical surroundings and their facilities.

The Challenges

St Basil's finds it difficult to find Greek-speaking employees for their Greek-speaking clients. The demands on St Basil's are increasing and the facilities currently do not meet the number of requests for aged care.

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