About Us

Five things to know about SchoolAid


SchoolAid is Australia’s first crowdfunding platform for kids. We’re an Australian not-for-profit organisation established in 1999 to harness the collective giving power of young people. Since 1999, over 5,000 schools have contributed to over 20 campaigns, raising a grand total of over $4 million that SchoolAid has  granted to community organisations working to improve the lives of children.


SchoolAid is passionate about kids’ philanthropy and giving, and make giving easy for kids all over Australia to help others in need.


SchoolAid is unique not only as an Australian first, but because we’ve got the backing of Aussie schools and a long track record in engaging with schools to provide a proven vehicle for kids to help kids.


We are 100% committed to growing the next generation of philanthropists and as the voice of kids’ philanthropy we initiated in 2010 the first ever Awards program to recognize and reward kids giving. SchoolAid campaigners are automatically entered into the Awards program – stay tuned for more information!


Kids giving is important to the hearts and minds of our young people. They feel empowered that they can make a difference and so develop personal optimism, resilience, become more outward looking and grow towards becoming socially responsive global citizens. The benefits they get from their giving is paralleled by the benefits the recipients of their fundraising efforts receive.